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Product Spotlight: VIP Kits

Product Spotlight: VIP Kits



In our latest creative concept, we propose a bold and artistic packaging that takes what is at a brand’s core and styles it to deliver the goods, as well as all the good feels. Through AMEXtravagant we celebrate what it’s like to be extravagantly welcomed into the grand family of exclusive, VIP cardholders and valued Members.



Behind this VIP kit was the color gold – reminiscent of opulence and prosperity. Our initial idea was to create a beautiful gift set that mimicked the look of an Amex gold card. To match the Amex tagline Don’t live life without it, our creative team imagined a twist on classic styling; we had a vision of something a little more over-the-top that radiated with richness.



     To achieve this elite look, we began         with a die-cut lid featuring the                 campaign name and the brands             logo. Underneath the die-cut letters       is a gold print inlay which we                     continued to feature in other areas         of this kit. Our goal for this cover               was  to incorporate texture, depth,           and an attention-grabbing pop of           color.






The assets of the brand then became the design elements that stand out. Amex’s logo, the centurion, and their pattern are highlighted by a gold print inlay beneath a custom cut and layered foam insert. Our artistic achievement includes giving each element its due spotlight, all the while maintaining a lavish and cohesive look.





Included in this set are indeed items that one wouldn’t want to live life without. We’re talking about the Cruise Control Reflection tumbler, our signature Medio Scribl notebook, and a Top-Notch Reflection ballpoint pen. Each item is creatively branded with a signature Amex look that turns these everyday essentials into delightful, luxurious amenities worthy of admiration.


   tumbler      notebook      pen


Credits to Spector&Co