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Case Study: Top Swag Companies

Case Study: Top Swag Companies


Branded swag represents a company's image and often times is the first impression the public receives of a brand. 73% of people say they use merchandise branded with a company’s logo at least once a week. 45% of people say they use these products at least once a day. The percentages increase when the item gifted is high-quality, durable, functional, and valuable to the recipient. The longer your swag lasts and the more it is used, the more times the recipient associates your company with these values.

When ordering branded swag you want to take care to be sure it is high quality. If it wears out or breaks quickly, that can send a message that your company does not care about important details. It is much harder to recall a faulty pen or a shrunken shirt than it is to quietly take down an underperforming ad. Doing due diligence and researching swag partners who provide quality branded merchandise pays off in the form of brand impressions that generate every time someone uses your swag.


1. is one of the more popular branded merchandise companies, as well as one of the leading high-end swag partners. They carry many name-brands such as Bose and North Face. This partner also offers non-traditional options such as BBQ rubs and speaker coolers that elevate swag beyond standard tchotchkes, although they offer these as well. is a good fit for organizations of all sizes, tastes, and budgets.

Notable offerings: American Apparel tees, Tile mate, Moleskine journal, YETI tumblers

2. BrandVia

BrandVia is a corporate swag company that offers fulfillment services and custom packaging in addition to swag. The company’s main priority is to invoke virtual engagement by sending employees, clients, and event attendees products that bring smiles. This partner makes efforts to source from sustainable brands and support small businesses, while simultaneously investing in product lines that bring new and unique items to market. BrandVia also gives companies the option of creating microsites and is devoted to maintaining secure web portals for all users. This partner is also able to help organizations set up brick and mortar swag shops on corporate campuses.

Notable offerings: taco night gift set, work from home bundle, Dylan’s Candy Bar chocolates, photo frame with wireless charging pad, candy cocktail inspired garnishes, silicone jar spatula

3. Gemnote

Gemnote focuses on assembling custom curated packages. Their associates work with companies to create one-of-a-kind kits that fit an organization’s tastes and budget, which are fulfilled by their online portal. Also, Gemote provides multiple means of decorating a company's logo on products including screen printing, digital printing, embroidery, glass etching, and leather embossing. This swag partner is a reliable choice for organizations that prefer a subtler touch to their marketing. Gemnote partners with quality brands like Patagonia and Herschel, among dozens more, to provide an upscale workplace gifting experience.

Notable offerings: curated gift boxes, slippers, pocket-print tees, gourmet chocolates, aprons, North Face duffels

4. 4Imprint

4Imprint is a well-known swag company. They sell basic swag such as t-shirts, notepads, pens, mugs, and more. The company’s mission is to make swag easily accessible and affordable. Their design submission and proofing process is fast and straightforward. They also offer rush shipping options. 4imprint periodically sends out samples and flyers on new products to regular customers.

Notable offerings: Vacuum wine tumbler, camp mug, embroidered picnic blanket, color-in paper mousepad

5. Everything Branded

Everything Branded is known for the wide array of its offerings. As the name suggests, this company decorates logos on a vast number of items including those not-easily-found such as massage rollers, trampoline socks, and mini USB humidifiers. Everything Branded caters to companies that prefer novel ideas to status quo when it comes to swag. Minimum order quantities vary per product, however most items are available for purchase individually as a sample, and in brackets ranging from 25, 50, hundreds, or several thousand.

Notable offerings: USB bracelets, combo bottle opener/phone stand keychains, novelty pens, tech wallets, sunburn alert stickers, car phone mounts, pop-up lanterns

6. Printfection

Printfection is one of the more practical corporate swag stores. This partner offers a streamlined set of services including drop shipping, printing, giveaways, and order fulfillment. Printfection has a stand-out catalog with several name brands and products ranging from housewares to wellness to apparel, tech, and novelties. One of their strengths is the ability for their platform to integrate with another company's existing platforms. Users can place orders through Salesforce, Chrome, and Slack apps, making it easier to manage merchandising.

Notable offerings: bamboo lap desk, self-cleaning insulated bottles, desk cleaner robot, mini video conference lighting kit, wooden stacking zen stones

7. Epromos

Epromos offers a staggering 15,000 item options, coupled with a simple search engine that makes it easy to navigate products filtering by type and price range. Another feature of note is the company’s rush shipping capabilities, which allow for processing and shipping in as little as one business day. The company also offers services such as artwork design and customizable fulfillment options. Epromos has responsive customer service and also frequently hosts sales.

Notable offerings: webcam covers, baby bottles and sippy cups, safety goggles, ultra-plush robes, vacuum insulated bottles, combo pen and screen cleaner

8. Inkwell Global Marketing

Inkwell Global Marketing is a corporate swag partner with international shipping capabilities. They make it hassle-free to set up an online company swag store and accommodate orders of all sizes, from one-off purchases to bulk buying. The platform has multiple payment options as well as reporting functions, making it easy to manage the demand for swag while keeping within budget. Inkwell carries brands such as Under Armour, Victorinox, and Patagonia.

Notable offerings: bluetooth cooler, all-purpose wireless charger pen holder, Glow & Grow Live Well Gift Set (candle and plant), wallet card with hinged USB 

9. Custom Ink

Custom Ink’s website hosts a design lab which is user-friendly and provides the option to add logos, names, and illustrations to a variety of products. The company's claim-to-fame is its product quality and responsive customer service. They also offer rush shipping options and the ability to ship products directly to employee residences for a small fee.

Notable offerings: sweatshirt blankets, work jackets and safety vests, Tommy Hilfiger quarter zip sweatshirt, tie-dye t-shirts, camera covers, Christmas ornaments

10. Zazzle

Zazzle is an online swag platform that makes ordering customized products stress-free. With an emphasis on aesthetics and design, Zazzle is sometimes considered more artsy than other swag partners.

Notable offerings: baby clothes, pillows, face shields, appointment cards, QR code keychains, stamps, playing cards, wine labels

Going into your review of these potential swag partners, bear in mind: Adform Creative carries all of the products and offers all of the services discussed! Ready to partner with Adform Creative? Contact us

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