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5 Ways Specialty Fulfillment Services Help Our Customers Run Programs

5 Ways Specialty Fulfillment Services Help Our Customers Run Programs

If you've ever organized a company event or program, you know there's a lot of work involved in planning these company activities. Though a branded water bottle, Bluetooth speaker, baseball cap, or another promotional item is just one of many moving pieces, you know it's important to the success of the event and it needs to be done right.

Getting it right is even more important when your order involves several promo items, customized packaging, and drop-ship deliveries. Consider the logistics behind Synergi Global's holiday gift bags or RSCC Wire & Cable's 100th anniversary gift bags:


Synergi Global Holiday Gift Bag:
• North Face jacket
• Branded water bottle
• Monogrammed bag
• White tuck box
• Custom ribbons
• Personalized tags

RSCC Wire & Cable 100th Anniversary Gift Bag:
• Cloth tote bag with logo
• Branded sunscreen with belt clip
• Frisbee with theme color and graphics
• Branded picnic blankets
• Laser engraved crystal

Both adform customers have a long history of running successful, large-scale customized projects and employee campaigns. How do they do it? They lean on adform's specialty fulfillment services! Below are the top 5 reasons Synergi and RSCC have relied on adform's fulfillment services to handle the complex logistics of their projects.

Reduce The Risk of Something Going Wrong
Compared to a single branded gift, a branded gift set is exponentially more complex which increases the risk of something going wrong. “Employees don’t notice when things go right,” says Tammi Admiraal, Marketing Manager at Synergi Global. “They do notice when something goes wrong.”

Jim Belanger, Director of Marketing Services at RSCC parent company Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable adds, “Behind the scenes, I’m like Santa. Nobody questions who coordinates everything. But if something went wrong, I would hear about it!” Both Synergi and RSCC rely on Adform’s experience in specialty fulfillment services to get their order right on the big day.

Easily Drop-Ship to Any Location
Assembling, storing, and transporting 400 employee gift bags to RSCC Wire & Cable’s 100th anniversary celebration is a daunting task. “This would represent hours and hours of work in an area in which we have little expertise,” notes Belanger. “It’s a big deal that Adform will assemble and ship all the gift bags for us.”

Free You Up to Focus on Your Company Event
Successful company events require a lot of planning. RSCC and Synergi events have been most successful when they focus on what they do best and ask Adform to do what it does best. “Knowing that all the items will be assembled and packaged correctly, allows me to focus on my event,” adds Admiraal.

“It’s a tremendous lifting of a burden to me,” says Belanger. “If we didn’t use Adform for fulfillment services, I would have to get deeply involved. I would also have to find volunteers, which is hard to do. Generally, people don’t get very excited about logistics!” 

Give You Peace of Mind
“Overall, it’s about the value of peace of mind,” says Belanger. “Anyone can buy anything online. But, who is going to put the gift bags together and coordinate everything on time?” Entrusting fulfillment services to Adform gives event planners peace of mind.

Enrich the User Experience
Both companies put as much thought into the promotional items they choose as they do its packaging. “The boxes and packaging are the best part!” says Admiraal about the white tuck box, custom ribbon, and personalized label that were a part of their holiday gift bags. “Employees thought the presentation of our holiday gift was touching.” 

“Creating a personal experience for employees has a high impact,” reflects Belanger. “The details, that we could not do on our own, double the effect. It demonstrates the high level of care that goes into the gifts.” 

For decades, Synergi Global, RSCC Wire & Cable, and thousands of their peer customers have relied on Adform’s project management expertise and fulfillment services to deliver the user experience that makes their events memorable and successful. “It’s rare to have my vision fulfilled perfectly,” says Admiraal. “With Adform’s fulfillment solutions, the end product is always better than what I was looking for.”