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Company Web Store Makes Shopping For Branded Merchandise Much Easier

Company Web Store Makes Shopping For Branded Merchandise Much Easier

With the launch of their new company web store, it’s become much easier for Mabey Group to get their company-branded products whenever they need them.  There’s no more sifting through catalogs, picking products, last-minute shipping, and no more MOQs! 

Company Merchandise Store

Mabey’s sales, marketing, and depot managers can now order items from the company’s web store which is pre-stocked with 20 – 25 promotional items, including corporate apparel, they might need for a customer visit, corporate event, or trade show.

The web store has been in place for a few years now and Kelley Quader, Mabey’s Sales and Marketing Assistant, says that it has saved her a lot of time and trouble. “I used to get a lot of internal emails requesting different products.”  Previous to having the company merchandise store in place, she placed a bulk order, waited for the shipment to arrive, counted it, stocked it, and managed all the shipping logistics.

The company web store that Adform has implemented has greatly simplified this process. Kelley now preselects the items that will be available:  uniforms, apparel, pens, golf shirts, tools, t-shirts, gloves, keyrings, all with the consistent Mabey brand.  The sales and marketing managers order what they need through the web store using their company credit card. Adform immediately ships orders. “If there are problems, Adform is right on it,” says Quader. “It’s a case of no-news-is-good-news.” 

If inventory gets a little low, Mabey simply orders more for their company store. “We have a stocking level agreement with Adform. They let me know if we’re running low on items,” says Quader.  “This helps us spread out our costs while also ensuring we always have products on-hand for last-minute requests.” And with the number of events and activities on Mabey’s calendar, this has removed a big headache for the company.

“The new budget module is icing on the cake,” says Quader.  The system is very helpful and saves on accounting time.  We have over 40 people using the company web store and ordering different things.  The module makes it easy to allocate costs to the departments. It also allows the managers to see their balance, which helps them manage their budget. The cost of a last-minute gift for a client immediately goes to the department that ordered it.  It’s a win-win for everyone. 

Branded Employee Store

“Adform also does a nice job with the look-and-feel of the site,” adds Quader. To help employees plan ahead, Adform will even send email reminders to web store users about upcoming seasonal events, like golf outings, or new products and corporate merchandise that were added to the web store. “It makes a big difference and sparks some new ideas.”

Mabey is now looking at other modules such as gift certificates that managers can give employees as gifts.  Until then, the online company web store has made things run much more smoothly at Mabey and freed up a lot of time for Kelley to pursue more important goals for the company.