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3 Keys to Delivering Customer Support that Exceeds Expectations

3 Keys to Delivering Customer Support that Exceeds Expectations

When we experience exceptional customer service, these days, it almost surprises us! It is not as common as it used to be, or as it should be—which is why it can be a valuable differentiator for your company. In this post, we explore one of the most appreciated Adform Advantages: Customer Service and Support

Typically, adform customers need promotional items for a specific campaign or event. So, it’s critical that they get the right promotional products at the right time. In our experience, there are three keys to delivering exceptional customer service and support. Learn more about exceeding customer expectations here!


Don’t just listen to what customers say 

Of course, when customers speak, you should listen to what they say. But, don’t stop there. Go one step further to understand what they need. During conversations, probe a bit, brainstorm, and insert your expertise. Have a dialogue. You will be on your way to providing exceptional customer support that will exceed your customers’ expectations.

“Adform’s service is phenomenal. They go above and beyond. They always find the promotional products that meet my needs the best. Placing an order with adform is more like brainstorming. They always come up with ideas that are better than the items I was initially asking for.”

- Kimmie Lavelle, Executive Assistant, Ross Contracting

Respond to customers quickly and thoroughly

If you are successfully listening to your customers and identifying their needs, the next step is to act on those insights. Adform has earned a reputation for their customer services by being proactive and responding quickly—a unique quality in our industry that customers appreciate. Whether you are resolving a problem or presenting an idea, don’t waste a moment. But, speed isn’t everything when it comes to customer support. Your response must be thorough, too. Take a moment, before hitting the Send button on a quick email, to anticipate potential issues and questions. Thinking ahead will save you and your customers time in the long run. 

“Adform's response is always quick and thorough. Whether brainstorming on new ideas or troubleshooting unexpected order issues, they stand by their word. I feel like they are truly committed to my projects and me. Adform makes it very easy to do business with them.

- Susan Dombrowski, Director of Marketing, Core Plus Credit Union Attention

Give customers the attention you would give your only customer

Customers frequently tell us that they feel like they are our only customer. What a compliment! That’s what happens when you give customers your full and complete attention—from the smallest detail to the biggest idea. Your customers’ biggest priority is their project.  Make it your priority, too.

“I like the attention adform gives. It’s like they’re a small company that genuinely cares about their customers. Often details get lost when working with big companies. We work well with adform and have good communication.”

- Jodi Neal, Director of Creative Services, Community College of Baltimore County

Since 1978, we have lived by the motto “Deliver on time, every time.” Exceptional customer service is critical to our business. Exceeding customer expectations is a competitive differentiator. Your business can achieve similar results, and turn service & customer support into a competitive advantage as we have.