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Case Study: 3 Benefits of Better Brand Management

Case Study: 3 Benefits of Better Brand Management

by Daniel Bernardo, Marketing Manager at Bay Crane 

Branding has always been important to Bay Crane, a world leader in the crane rental, specialized transportation, and construction industries. A year ago, Daniel Bernardo, Marketing Manager at Bay Crane, determined the company needed to have a bit more consistency.

“After 80 years of growth, things can get a little fragmented,” notes Bernardo. Customers were exposed to different versions of its logo, different fonts, and varying colors in everything from email signature blocks, marketing materials, and invoices, to apparel that employees wore. “We wanted more uniformity,” recalls Bernardo.

A consistent customer experience demonstrates professionalism

So, Bay Crane asked for Adform’s help in developing a brand guide. “It’s important to get the colors and logo correct with partners and other companies,” notes Bernardo. “We even used the guide internally when we rebuilt our website.” The result is a consistent experience for Bay Crane customers that demonstrates professionalism. “It also subconsciously tells people that we have the same level of care for our equipment.”

A webstore maintains graphic standards, save time and money

Adform also created a web store for Bay Crane’s six branches, 650 employees, and numerous contractors and sub-contractors. Branch managers can place orders online for branded hats, shirts, carabiners, and other items. “In the past, branch managers sourced items on their own,” recalls Bernardo. “Often they accidentally used an old logo or the wrong color.” The web store ensures brand consistency.

Though Bernardo admits some branches liked to order items on their own, he says the web store saves the local offices lots of time. “They now appreciate the store,” says Bernardo. “Branch managers just choose the items they want online, and they arrive at their office.” The branches don’t have to search for items, get quotes, proof graphics, or arrange payment.

Also, centralizing orders means that the branches get better pricing than they could on their own. “From an accounting standpoint, we get a bird’s eye view of our marketing spend,” adds Bernardo. Adform’s program costs are more than offset by the cost savings produced by consolidation.

Brand management improves morale!

“There’s more unification in terms of how employees are connecting,” says Bernardo. Employees are wearing the same apparel and feel more professional. “There’s a sense of teamwork, and it brings employees together and improves morale.” Bay Crane is still fine-tuning things. But it has taken several giant steps towards managing its brand better and creating a consistent experience for its customers.